Simenon Xintax was the son of Rustus Xintax and the High Leaguesmaster of the Leagues of Undertown during the Twig trilogy.

Role in Stormchaser

Simenon Xintax forged a complex and corrupt alliance with Vilnix Pompolnius, building extra chains for Sanctaphrax in return for Phraxdust. He also did a deal with Slyvo Spleethe to take over the sky ship Stormchaser, though he secretly knew that Spleethe would never be able to captain the ship, and intended for Spleethe to fail his mission, in order to stop the Stormphrax from reaching the Treasury Chamber.


Simenon Xintax was killed when the sky ship Edgedancer exploded and its rudder wheel crashed through the roof of the Leagues' Chamber, crushing the Leaguesmaster.