Sister Drab, knocked to the ground by a badly aimed fireball.

"First we shall pluck this librarian, then we shall skin it slowly, until all of our questions have been answered. For I tell you this, Matron Featherhorn, the Undertowners' whereabouts will be revealed--even if I have to read this prisoner's steaming entrails to find them!"
-Sister Drab

Sister Drab was a veteran shryke sister who, along with Matron Featherhorn, organized an attack on the Undertowners fleeing to the Free Glades, intending to sell them and reestablish the Great Shryke Slave Market. After torturing a librarian knight for the location of the Undertowners, Sister Drab and Matron Featherhorn sent Mother Muleclaw the Third and the new shryke sisterhood to attack. Sister Drab's plan failed when Mother Muleclaw was killed and the shryke army was destroyed.

Before the Shrykes settled in the Eastern Roost she was a High-Sister second only to the Roost-Mother but when she was unable to get to terms with the permanent settlement she gave up her status and power.