The Skirmish at Wooded Crag was a small conflict between a splinter of the Freeglade Lancers and a ferocious pack of skulltrogs in the Southern Fringes of the Free Glades. Rufus Filatine missed this battle because he was ill with bark-croup, but his friend Tam Whytewinter earned his boards (while also being wounded) as a Freeglade Lancer.[1]


Skulltrogs had caught a group of low-belly goblins and were feasting on them, tearing them apart for fun. The Fifth Splinter, High Branch Troop of Scartree Company in the Third Roost, led by Corporal Hudder, attacked them, the Gyles killing both one, the Hudflux and Holt eight, and Tam Whytewinter one of the skulltrogs instantly.[1]


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