A dead skullpelt

Skullpelts were a species of predator that hunted in lullabee groves in the Deepwoods. To people entranced by the trees in lullabee groves, skullpelts would look like someone they would be drawn to, so they would approach and be easy, defenceless prey. However, this appearance was only an illusion; skullpelts could not change their form. The illusion was also imperfect; the illusionary person would always seem to be wearing blue fur clothing. Skullpelts actually had blue fur, along with taut, scaly skin, orange, scaly hands and feet with three digits, bulging yellow eyes, yellow claws, and rows of hooked teeth.[1]

Role in the Edge Chronicles


Thaw Daggerslash wearing his skullpelt mask

In Beyond the Deepwoods, Twig was almost eaten by a skullpelt, but a caterbird hatched at just the right time and killed the skullpelt, saving Twig. To Twig, the skullpelt appeared to be his adoptive mother, Spelda, but after it died the illusion soon faded and he realised the truth. In Clash of the Sky Galleons, Thaw Daggerslash wore a mask created out of the face of a dead skullpelt when he was pretending to be Turbot Smeal.


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