Twig and Cowlquape desperately jumping to catch the Skyraider during Midnight Over Sanctaphrax.

The Skyraider was a sky ship which appeared in the Twig and Rook trilogies.

Role in the Twig trilogy

Twig and Cowlquape signed on as crew of the Skyraider under the slave-runner, Thunderbolt Vulpoon. He tried to sell them to Mother Muleclaw, but Twig, catching on, mutinied just in time, selling Thunderbolt Vulpoon instead and freeing all the slaves on board. The slaves flew the ship back to Undertown, and Twig later set off aboard the Skyraider to locate the crew members he left at Riverrise.

Between the Twig and Rook trilogies

Twig was unable to locate Riverrise, and he spent fruitless decades flying over the Deepwoods, over the course of which he lost all of his crew in various tragedies. Once the last of his crew members died, Twig tethered the Skyraider to a rock at Wilderness Lair and spent the following portion of his life among banderbears.

Role in the Rook trilogy


Cowlquape in a hammock aboard the Skyraider

While on his treatise voyage, Rook encountered Twig at the sacred Great Convocation of Banderbears. Twig assumed Cowlquape to be dead all these years, but Rook, remembering a piece of information Xanth told him, informed Twig that Cowlquape was still alive, kept a prisoner in the Tower of Night. Twig enlisted the help of Rook and several Banderbears, and launched an attack on the Tower of Night with the Skyraider. Cowlquape was rescued, but the sky ship's flight-rock succumbed to stone-sickness, and the crippled Skyraider fell out of the sky and into the void beneath the Edge.




Under Thunderbolt Vulpoon

Under Twig (during the search for Riverrise)

Under Twig (during the raid on the Tower of Night)