Skytaverns were a class of exceptionally large phraxships that acted primarily as luxury cruise liners for the affluent inhabitants of the Edge. Additionally, they sometimes carried cargo - the Deadbolt Vulpoon, at least, is shown receiving phrax crystals mined at the Prade Phraxmine, to transfer them to Great Glade.


Only one class of skytavern has been shown so far - an unnamed class to which the identical Deadbolt Vulpoon and Xanth Filatine belonged.

Skytaverns were extremely large, comparable to the Great Sky Whale of the First Age of Flight, and harboured a great many inhabitants, from criminal elements and the poor and desperate in the lowest decks, to wealthy merchants, mine-owners, and academics on the highest decks.

Like the majority of large phraxships, skytaverns had a single large phraxchamber located centrally on the top deck and reinforced by a stout internal mast. They were not designed with aerodynamic efficiency in mind, and had a large, snub-nosed prow.

Notable Skytaverns