"Just wait till I get my hands on you, Gobrat, you useless, squint-eyed little runt!"

Slab was a hammerhead goblin Guardian of Night who served on guard-duty. The night before the Second Attack on the Tower of Night, Gobrat did not come to relieve Slab, so Slab ended up on guard-duty for eighteen hours straight until Bragknot came to relieve him. Slab watched as Bragknot was killed by a crossbow bolt from the Skyraider in the first volley, and he was nearly killed himself by the first volley of flaming ironwood balls. A little while later he got revenge for Bragknot by killing Rummel with a crossbow bolt, but seconds later he paid for that with his life when a volley of flaming ironwood balls destroyed the gantry he was standing on.