Captain Sleet Snicket was a famous sky pirate who fought against the leaguesmen during the events of Clash of the Sky Galleons. He was a great Mire specialist and had a pet mudjackal called Slug.


The origin of Sleet Snicket's name is unclear. Sky pirates were often named after a weather phenomenon and an animal, eg. Cloud Wolf or Ice Fox. According to The Last of the Sky Pirates, Rook Barkwater invented the name for snickets, carnivorous bird-like creatures. The events of Clash of the Sky Galleons happened about seventy years earlier than the events of The Last of the Sky Pirates, which leads to the conclusion that this either was a mistake by the authors or Snicket is not only a bird's name but also a word. For more information, see Errors and Inconsistencies in the Edge Chronicles.