"Drop your weapon...or your son gets it."
-Slyvo Spleethe

Slyvo Spleethe was the quartermaster of the Stormchaser.

Role in the Edge Chronicles

Role in The Sky Chart

"The quartermaster, who could be trusted to put the Stormchaser 's interests before his own -- a rare thing for a sky pirate quartermaster"

Slyvo Spleethe was recruited as the quartermaster of the Stormchaser, but after a disastrous first voyage he worked in the timber yards of the Flight Leagues when Quintinius Verginix embarked on his journey with Multinius Gobtrax.[2]

Role in Stormchaser

Ambitious, mutinous, and power-hungry, Spleethe wanted the Stormchaser for himself, and did a deal with the Leagues of Undertown. According to the deal, Spleethe would mutiny against Cloud Wolf, seize the Stormchaser and her cargo of stormphrax, and deliver it to the Leagues to prevent it from reaching the Treasury of Sanctaphrax. Spleethe sneaked Twig aboard for use as a bargaining chip. However, Spleethe failed, and he and his accomplice, Mugbutt, were killed.


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