A snagtooth attacking Cade's fishing rod

Snagtooths, sometimes referred to as Snaggletooths were large crocodile-like creatures living at the bottom of Farrow Lake.

They were a nocturnal species of predatory lake-dweller and had a fang-fringed long snout and a row of undulating flippers at the length of their leathery body. Usually keeping to the deepest places of the lake, Snaggletooths were lying in wait for unsuspecting Lakefish to swim by, but were also know to stir when daylight begins to fade. They could easily be awaken and were considered a danger to the fishers, as they were attracted by the fish at the hook of a fisherman's line.

Role in the Cade Saga

Snagtooths were mentioned in Doombringer, when Phineal Glyfphith disturbed one who destroyed Cade's coracle.

Snagtooths in Weird New Worlds

Main article: Borellas

In Weird New Worlds, there is no mention of those creatures. Instead, there were the Borellas or "Snagglemouths" who were first thought to be dangerous, also destroying Hedgethorn Lammergyre's coracle, but really were wise and friendly animals.