"The Snetterbarks, the Statchwoods and the Polesticks are the finest tree-felling families in the twelve villages, each six axes strong!"
—Chopley Polestick[1]

Snatchwood was the surname of a family of woodtrolls who were part of the twelve villages in the First Age of Flight, where they were known to be some of the best tree-fellers.

Family History

In Clash of the Sky Galleons, six of their tree-fellers accompanied sky pirate captain Wind Jackal and his crew to hunt for bloodoak timber along with the Snetterbarks and Polestick clans.

Known Family Members

Family Members

Close Relatives

Family Tree

Snetterbark Family
Snatchwood Family
Weezil's child
Weezil's child
Quintinius Verginix
Maris Verginix
Tuntum Snatchwood
Spelda Snatchwood
Cousin Snetterbark
Twig Verginix
Snodpill Snatchwood
Henchweed Snatchwood
Poohsniff Snatchwood


  1. Clash of the Sky Galleons, Chapter 15: The Bloodoak
  2. The Snatchwood clan's felling party in Clash of the Sky Galleons has six members, meaning there were 5 unnamed males along with Tuntum