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Community To-Do-List

Community To-Do-List

  1. Main project at the moment: References. Read the Sources and appearances policy on how to cite correctly.
  2. Follow all the new rules of the Manual of Style.
  3. Community Project of the month: First Age of Flight still needs some minor edits. Then move to Second Age of Flight
  4. Check out the pages that need to be created or improved
  5. Fix Double Redirects
  6. Infobox guidelines and masterpost of all rules should be written by an admin/content moderator
  7. Split up the Professors of Light and Darkness as suggested in the comments, but keep the page as a disambig

General To-Do-List

  • Download The Descenders preview here and start writing the new articles!
  • Add references to all pages. If you are unsure on how to do this, look at this page: Sources and appearances policy.
  • Add pictures. Make sure your pictures are of good quality (e.g. scan your books).
  • Check out the Short Pages and expand articles.
  • Click on Random until you find something
  • Google Books proves to be a useful tool for finding information. Simply search for Edge Chronicles and the thing you want to know more about. All mentions of your search term will appear.
  • Check out the orphaned pages and add links where appropriate.
  • Add and expand articles for the new Cade Saga.
  • Just for your information: The 'Top Contributors This Week' feature is broken. Not everyone's edits appear there. Sometimes one person is ignored by the counter for a whole week, and then the next week, it's different person. However, you actually edit the article. And you get the badges. FANDOM is currently trying to fix it.

Thanks for your help!

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