"Thought you'd had me that time, didn't you? Waiting till my back was turned. But Speegspeel was too quick for you, wasn't he? Eh?"

Speegspeel was an elderly goblin who worked as a butler in the Palace of Statues. Additionally, Speegspeel constructed Vox's Baby, following the plans designed by Vox Verlix. Paranoid and confused, Speegspeel was convinced that the statues of the leaguesmen throughout the palace were attempting to kill him, and shouted at the statues whenever they toppled over. Speegspeel created a rhyme so he was able to navigate around he traps set by Vox outside Vox’s room. Rook managed to enter Vox’s quarters thanks to him eavesdropping on Speegspeel. He was killed when Rook threw a piece of a broken statue at his head.