Spelda Snatchwood was Twig's adoptive mother and the wife of Tuntum Snatchwood.

Spelda told Twig many stories, for example, the legend of Riverrise, and the story of how Twig got his name. She loved him just as much as her biological children, maybe even more. When the sky pirates visited the village, she worried that they would pressgang Twig into joining the crew of a sky ship and, scared of losing Twig, told him to go to Cousin Snetterbark's house and hide. Twig, however, strayed from the path and got lost.

It was about three years later that Twig found the village and was reunited with Spelda. By that time, Tuntum had died and Twig had wandered in on his funeral, searching for members of his lost crew. He promised Spelda he would return to her, but never saw her again.