Spooler was an Oakelf who served as a lookout aboard Twig's sky ship, the Edgedancer. After the Edgedancer was destroyed out in Open Sky, Teasel tricked him into drinking drugged woodgrog and chained him up on the slave ship Skyraider. When Twig mutinied against Thunderbolt Vulpoon, Spooler and the other slaves were freed. Spooler refused to return to Undertown with the other slaves, insisting that his ability to gauge social customs would be of vital importance in the Great Shryke Slave Market. He proved to be a valuable companion in the market, helping them navigate their way through it without breaking any of the unwritten rules.

Spooler then accompanied Twig, Cowlquape, and Goom into the Deepwoods while they continued their search for the remaining crew members of the Edgedancer, but was killed when the group wandered into a bed of Reed-Eels.