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Squires were the students who attended the Knights Academy in Sanctaphrax. Squires were divided into two groups, lower halls squires and upper halls squires or Knight's squires. This name was only given to those who were learning how to stormchase, excluding those training to become academics-at-arms.


Lower Halls

Lower Halls squires learned about sky ships in the Hall of Storm Cloud, studied the fundamentals of stormchasing in the Hall of White Cloud, learned to look after their prowlgrins in the Hall of Grey Cloud, and studied the weather in the Hall of High Cloud.


A graduation scroll at the foot of the Central Staircase announced the results and assigned every lower hall squire a position. Many would be assigned to become Academics-at-arms, while only a selected few would be chosen to become Knight's Squires in the Upper Halls.[1]


Two days after the announcement, the squires climbed the Central Staircase to the Common Hall of the Upper Halls, where the thirteen high professors and the thirteen knights academic in-waiting waited for them. The squires were asked to present their sword miniatures and their swords and the miniatures were glued with ironwood sap into the pommel of the swords.[1]

Upper Halls

Knight's Squires learned all about stormchasing. Fabius Dydex held a lecture on harness-practice, teaching the squires how to lower themselves to the Twilight Woods's ground on the back of their prowlgrins.[2]. Senior squires would eventually become Knights academic-in-waiting and maybe even Knights academic.

Known squires

Lower Halls Squires

Upper Halls - Knight's Squires


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