Stob Lummus was a Librarian Knight alongside Rook and Magda Burlix. He was arrogant and often foolish, but had a good and brave heart.

Role in the Rook Trilogy

Stob was chosen to become a librarian because of his brilliant mind. He was, however, purely a scholar and lacked the sense of adventure of his fellow Librarian Knights, Rook and Magda.

On the beginning of their travel to the Free Glades, Stob endangered the whole mission by talking to a stranger he believed to be their person of trust. Stob successfully built his skycraft, the Hammelhorn and wrote a treatise entitled "A Study of the Growth Rings of the Coppertree".

Of the three Librarian Knights in his party, Stob was the only one to remain in the Free Glades through the events of Vox. He worked at Lake Landing Academy and trained the students there.