A drawing from Chris Riddell's black Edge notebook.

The Stone Clan of the Low Valley Nation was a nomadic tribe of hammerhead goblins living in the Western Woods, around the Farrow Ridges.

The hammerheads of the Stone Clan were stocky and thick-set, with tusk-like teeth protruding from their lower jaws.They specialised in archery, so their flint arrowheads were prised by other clans in the Hammerhead Nations, and they used them to hunt the migrating hammelhorn herds that Gathered in the glade pastures of the Low Ridges. Their territory also included the Grey Gorges beyond the ridges to the south-west of Farrow Lake. As well as arrows, they also fought with flint-loaded slingshots.

Role in the Cade Saga

The Stone Clan was attacked by the Doombringer, and many of their clan-members were taken as slaves.

In Doombringer, the Stone Clan helped fight against Merton Hoist and the mire-pearlers for the safety of the Farrow Ridges.