The Stormchaser was the sky ship which was made for Quint to pursue Great Storms in search of stormphrax. When Quint's dream of stormchasing was cruelly snatched away from him by Vilnix Pompolnius, Quint became the sky pirate captain, Cloud Wolf, and used the ship for sky piracy.

Many years later, a woodbug infestation drove up the cost of keeping the Stormchaser skyworthy, and caused Cloud Wolf to accumulate debts. After Twig accidentally caused a cargo of ironwood timber to be lost, Mother Horsefeather and the Professor of Light persuaded Cloud Wolf to chase a Great Storm to deliver stormphrax to the Treasury Chamber, promising to write off all his debts upon completion of the mission. It was during this voyage that the Stormchaser Mutiny took place. The Stormchaser, however, became trapped in the Great Storm. Twig and the rest of the crew abandoned ship, but Cloud Wolf stayed to complete the mission. The storm pulled the sky ship out into Open Sky, and the Stormchaser was becalmed in the Mother Storm, where it faded away to nothing along with her captain.