Stormchasing was a sacred quest undertaken by Knights Academic in the First Age of Flight. Knights would fly a sky ship into the heart of a Great Storm bound for the Twilight Woods, and wait for the storm to discharge a bolt of stormphrax. The Knight Academic would then quickly retrieve the stormphrax before it became weighted down in absolute darkness, and return to Sanctaphrax with it.

The stormphrax would then be taken to the Treasury Chamber at the heart of Sanctaphrax, where in the darkness it would become exceptionally heavy, thus counter-acting the ever-increasing buoyancy of the Sanctaphrax Rock, and preventing the city from disappearing into Open Sky.

Quode Quanx-Querix, Philius Embertine, and Twig all completed stormchasing quests successfully; however, the majority of stormchasers failed to return, and were lost in the Twilight Woods for all eternity.