The Sumpwood Bridge, home of the Sumpwood Bridge Academy

"Construction! Invention! Restoration!"
-High Archivist

The Sumpwood Bridge Academy, also known as the Hive Academy, was an institution of science and learning contained within various buildings on the Sumpwood Bridge in Hive.



The School of Restoration, a school of the Sumpwood Bridge Academy

The academics of the Sumpwood Bridge Academy lived and worked independently in different schools of various sizes. However, they were all ultimately led by and received funds from the High Academe of the academy. They were also united by their common traditional garb of thick green velvet gowns and black silk nightcaps.

Role in History


The academics of the Sumpwood Bridge Academy were skilled engineers and architects, particularly in using sumpwood. They were responsible for transforming Hive from a collection of scattered villages into a great city, and they contributed greatly to creating the unique sumpwood-based architecture of the Midwood Decks. They also designed the sumpwood limbers for the phraxcannon used by the Hive Militia in the Battle of the Midwood Marshes. An academic of the Sumpwood Bridge Academy was the timekeeper for high-jumping races.


Despite the Hive Academy's small size in comparison to the Great Glade Academy, its academics made several valuable discoveries. One perfected the double rudder that prevented single-pilot phraxships from turning turvey, while another invented a device to detect the presence of phraxdust in the air.

Notable Schools

Notable Attendees