"Oh, I like that, Captain. I like that a lot. That's fair, that is. My brother, Tendon, would most definitely have approved."
-Tarp Hammelherd

Tarp Hammelherd was a slaughterer and a crew member aboard the Edgedancer. Twig found him in a tavern, bemoaning the loss of his recently deceased brother, Tendon, and he convinced him to join his crew. After the Edgedancer crashed in open sky, Tarp lost his memory of the incident in the weather vortex and went back to the taverns. Twig found him in the Lullabee Inn, and sent him back to his study in Sanctaphrax to wait while Twig set off to look for the others.

After Twig and Cowlquape returned and released Sanctaphrax, Twig set off on the Skyraider in search of Riverrise, where the rest of his crew waited. Tarp Hammelherd accompanied him for many years, but died of Blackwater Fever along with Bogwitt and Grimlock.