Tegan was a gnokgoblin guide affiliated with the Librarians Academic; she helped them by guiding incognito scholars, academics, and librarian apprentices through the gates of the Great Mire Road[1].

Role in The Last of the Sky Pirates

During their stealthy voyage to the Free Glades, Tegan guided Rook Barkwater, Stob Lummus, and Magda Burlix safely through the tollgate tally-huts of the Great Mire Road, under the noses of the shrykes.[1]

She approached them first, wearing a bloodoak pendant that signified her as Rook, Stob, and Magda's contact for getting through the gates of the Great Mire Road. Tegan knew the tally-hen, Sister Sagsplit, that they encountered and complimented her beautiful plumage, so the group was easily able to acquire tally-discs and pass through the checkpoint unimpeded. Her role complete, she bid the three librarian knights elect farewell, giving them each a hug before leaving them.[1]


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