The Edge Chronicles wiki welcome all articles that are placed on this wiki, but there are certain guidelines that must be followed:


  • All pages must be categorised.
  • Don't invent new categories.
    • Use this list of all the categories Categories to try and find one that fits. If you still think a category is missing, there's several steps you should take:
      • Seven page rule: A new category is only needed if there are more than 7 pages that fit into this category and there are no similar categories.
      • Contact an admin/content moderator
      • Start a discussion in either the comment section of one of the articles that should go into your new category or on the discussions page. If people agree with you, then go ahead in creating a new category. Make sure to add a description and to categorise it.
  • Read the category descriptions to decide if a page belongs into that category.


Some other things

  • The category Category:Behind the Scenes is for all pages that contain information that is not from The Edge Chronicles. This includes sketches by Chris Riddell published on Facebook, Instagram, tumblr etc and any additional information provided by the authors that wasn't in The Edge Chronicles. Anything else will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.
  • The category Category:Trivia contains all pages that have a Trivia section.