This is a tutorial on how to upload images onto The Edge Chronicles wiki.

When editing a page, wikia uses html. This means that, unlike blogger, you cannot just drag an image in. You must put the words: [[Image:Imagename.JPG]] ,
Upload page

The upload page

or .png etc. You must put that between two [[ signs on each side, so [[ on one side and then two ]s on the other.

Once you have saved the page, you will see this: File:NAMEOFYOURIMAGE.jpg. If you select that, then you will be taken to the upload page. Make sure that you have saved the image you want to upload into your my pictures folder, and then find it by selecting browse on the upload screen. Once you have then selected upload image, or pressed the alt key followed by the s key, the image will be uploaded, and will appear on the page. To make the image go on the right or left side, and add a caption, write this after your image html. [[Image:NAMEOFIMAGE|thumb|left/right|CAPTIONGOESHERE]] to make your image better.