When uploading multimedia files, including images, or re-categorizing existing ones, please follow this policy. If at any time you feel a category is missing, please contact an admin for permission to add it.

Basic Guidelines

Multimedia files are broken down into Images, Videos, and Other Files.

  • Images should be categorized by subject and origin.see below.
    • Colour images should also be placed in the relevant category.
  • The only subcategory currently in Videos is Timelapses, as we have several of these.
  • Other files, we don't currently have any, but we might later, so how they are categorized will be determined by what comes.

More detailed schema for Images

  • Images
    • by subject
    • Images of Quint
    • Images of Twig
    • Images of Rook
    • Images of (character)
    • Maps
    • Book covers
    • etc...
    • by origin
    • Images from The Curse of the Gloamglozer
    • Images from Vox
    • Images from Freeglader
    • Images from (book)
    • Images from Facebook
    • Images from Instagram
    • and a couple of special subcategories
      (the first one is soon going to be renamed Colour images to match British spelling)
    • Color images
    • Fan art


Rook reading

Category:Images of Rook, Category:Images from The Last of the Sky Pirates