This is a list of jobs that need to be completed as soon as possible after The Descenders is released. If you are able to do something to help, write your name and what you're able to do. For large jobs, several people can claim them at once.

User list

  • DeadlyDirtBlock
    • Minor pages
    • Timeline page
    • Scanning images (not until a couple of months after release)
    • Editing/adding images
    • Proofreading pages
  • Milicule the Nightwaif
    • Major Characters
    • Plot Summary
  • JimTheEagle
    • Bot operation
    • Proofreading
    • References (maybe?)
    • MOS compliance
    • Image editing
    • Scanning images (soon after release) (maybe?)
    • Timeline imagemap
    • Categorization
  • Nerdy Fan
    • Book page, with plot summary

Unclaimed Jobs

  • Major characters, locations, etc.
  • Scanning images (soon after release)
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