The Heart Rock was situated in the middle of the Sanctaphrax Rock's stonecomb. Inside the Heart Rock, there were three chambers, the Treasury Chamber, the Guard Chamber and the Ancient Laboratory.

  • The guard chamber was where the Treasury Guard waited for their shift, which was their turn to guard the Treasury Chamber, some slept, others played games and of course some were on duty.
  • The Ancient Laboratory was the sole birthplace of life created outside of Riverrise. In the First Age of Flight, Linius Pallitax attempted to create life there, just as the first scholars did- yet he succeed. He had created the Gloamglozer. Later, in the Third Age of Flight, Nate Quarter and his friends discovered, when Sanctaphrax returned, that the original Gloamglozer had been using the Ancient Laboratory to create more of its kind to rule Sanctaphrax and bring good citizens to their deaths. Ambris Hentadile destroyed the Ancient Laboratory with his Phraxpistol.