The Hulks

The Hulks

The Hulks was the name of a tavern in the Third Age of Flight. Located in the Eastern Woods, it catered for the dozen phraxmine stockades in the area. It was established by an enterprising shryke matron called Mother Hinnyplume, who passed through the area in approximately 630 ᴇ.ʏ. She chanced across the two ancient wrecked sky ships which had crashed there during the First Age of Flight, lodged in a massive lufwood tree. Spotting a gaping hole in the market, with a dozen stockades - each housing up to 200 miners - in the area, she set about shoring up the wrecks and six months later the Hulks opened for business.


The atmosphere at the Hulks was rowdy but largely good-natured, and few fights broke out. It was a place where miners went to enjoy themselves, and as such was noisy, packed, and often full of laughter and drunken revelry.


The Hulks was built around the two mighty sky ships, skewered by the branches of the great tree that have grown around them. The ships were built on until the former shapes of the giant vessels were all but buried beneath cabins, gantries, viewing platforms and walkways, all illuminated with strings of lamps. The main hall was originally the aft hold of one of the sky ships that was opened up from the keel to the captain’s cabin in the aft castle. Huge ale vats were embedded into the walls and disgorged a stream of woodale into drinking troughs below.

Relation to Phraxmines

Initially, the mine owners attempted to shut down the tavern, fearing that the woodale, winesap, and woodgrog provided by the tavern would lower productivity in the mines. However, precisely the opposite happened--the miners worked harder during their shifts with the knowledge that they would be rewarded with drink and carousing after a long day’s work. The mine owners concerns were also nullified by the cut of the taverns profits that they collected. This ensured that they recouped half the wages they paid out to their miners.

The Hulks was the scene of the murder of Rudd and attempted murder of Nate Quarter by Grint Grayle.


The Hulks was staffed by Gabtroll maids and Mother Hinnyplume