The Lost Barkscrolls was an extra book in The Edge Chronicles series by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell. It contained four short stories about the Edge. The premise was that a young scholar from the Third Age had stumbled upon four forgotten old barkscrolls in the Great Library of the Free Glades, hence the book's name. In The Immortals, It was explained that the young scholar had been Zelphyius Dax. The book is now out of print. Instead, the short stories have been put in the new editions of the Edge Chronicles. Cloud Wolf is now the first five chapters of The Curse of the Gloamglozer. The Stone Pilot is at the end of Midnight over Sanctaphrax. The Slaughterer's Quest is at the end of The Last of the Sky Pirates. The Blooding of Rufus Filatine is at the end of Freeglader.

The Four Barkscrolls

Cloud Wolf

The first of the barkscrolls was a story about Quint and Wind Jackal that took place before The Curse of the Gloamglozer. It describes the battle of The Great Sky Whale, the defeat of the High Leaguesmaster Marl Mankroyd, and the moment when Wind Jackal first gave Quint his sky pirate name, "Cloud Wolf". This was originally published as a World Book Day novel in 2001.

The Stone Pilot

The second of the barkscrolls was a story about Maugin, told in the first person. Maugin describes how she was captured by slavers at a young age, rescued by Quint, and became a Stone Pilot, in addition to the terrible regret she felt over never becoming a termagant. The story ends with her description of how she was still waiting for Twig to return to Riverrise. This was originally published as a World Book Day novel in 2006.

The Slaughterer's Quest

The third of the barkscrolls was a story about Keris, Twig's daughter. It described how Keris journeyed to the Four Great Lakes of the Webfoot Goblins to talk to the Great Clam, in the hopes that it would know where her father was. The clam covered her in Clamdust and sent her to the Free Glades, where she met her grandmother, Maris and seeded a Great Blueshell Clam.

The Blooding of Rufus Filatine

The fourth (and last) of the barkscrolls was a story about Rufus Filatine, the son of Xanth Filatine, and his adventures as a Freeglade Lancer. It described how his adventures culminated in a great battle against the Phrax Glade, and how the Phraxfire Globes ultimately inspired Xanth to invent Phraxflight.

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