The Slaughterer's Quest was a short story about Keris, Twig's daughter.


The Slaughterer's Quest was first published as the third barkscroll of The Lost Barkscrolls. In the Jeff Nentrup editions of the Edge Chronicles, The Lost Barkscrolls was no longer included as a standalone book but rather split on multiple books. The Slaughterer's Quest is now at the end of The Last of the Sky Pirates, where it fits chronologically.


The Slaughterer's Quest was a story about Keris, Twig's daughter. It described how Keris journeyed to the Four Great Lakes of the Webfoot Goblins to talk to the Great Clam, in the hopes that it would know where her father was. The clam covered her in Clamdust and sent her to the Free Glades, where she met her grandmother, Maris and seeded a Great Blueshell Clam.

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