The Third Age of Flight (102 ᴇ.ʏ. onward) was the time marked by the use of sky ships powered by stormphrax. Such ships were known as "phraxships". Phrax flight resulted in massive expansion into the Deepwoods, and the establishment of the three great cities of the Third Age: Great Glade, Hive and Riverrise. The Mire became a lush grassland and Undertown was left ruined and forgotten.

Many great technological and industrial breakthroughs happened in the Third Age and it was somewhat similar to the Industrial Revolution in our world. The Free Glades which until then had been a tranquil, rural place, became the heart of the booming metropolis that was Great Glade. Phraxmines were opened in the Eastern Woods and the industrial districts of Copperwood and East Glade were established. For many, the Third Age was a time of peace and prosperity, but for others, particularly in the cities of Hive and Riverrise, it was one of poverty, hardship and tyranny. This resulted in many longing back to the life in the Second Age of Flight, which was considered more pure and simple.


The Third Age of Flight began when Xanth Filatine discovered the peaceful use of stormphrax. Rufus Filatine had brought him a Phraxfire Globe, a weapon invented by Lentil Spume and used by shrykes. Xanth discovered that the explosive power of stormphrax could also be used in an engine, the phraxchamber, which led to the invention of phraxflight.

Nevertheless, stormphrax was also used to make phrax weapons.


The style of clothing in the Third Age was extremely distinctive, and had similarities to fashion during the Victorian Era. Waistcoats, topcoats, tall starched collars and tall peaked hats known as "funnel hats" were all popular. Nearly everyone, regardless of their status wore a tiny lamp on a string around their neck; the reasoning behind this is unknown.
Fashion in 3rd age of flight


There was a noticeable class divide in Third Age society. The upper classes tended to be made up of mine-owners, merchants and academics, and there were very clearly defined upper class districts, such as New Lake and Ambristown.

Map of the Edge in the Third Age of Flight

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