Thorne Lammergyre was a grey goblin fisher living together with his lemkin Tak-Tak on northern shore of the Farrow Lake in the remote Farrow Ridges.


Thorne Lammergyre was born in Hive at his father's modest candle store. When he was twelve, he won a scholarship to the academy on the Sumpwood Bridge, where he studied phrax crystals. At sixteen, Thorne had to return to his father's candle store.

At that time, the corrupted Council of Hive turned the city into a militia, beginning the war against Great Glade. In c. 600 ᴇ.ʏ., Thorne volunteered to serve with the First Low Town Regiment in the Hive Militia, forced to participate in the Battle of the Midwood Marshes, fighting against the Great Glade Militia.

In the battle, Thorne witnessed the deaths of his friends Grablock, Grasp, and Chafe Sireswill. Grablock and Grasp were vaporized instantly in a phraxshell explosion. Chafe, who was Thorne's childhood friend, lost an arm and a section of his stomach, while the left side of his face was obliterated. He calls Thorne's name before eventually succumbing to his injuries. Watching his friends die and crushing a Freeglade Lancer's skull, he was traumatized.[1] 

In response to news of Hive's defeat, the citizens of Low Town rioted. He arrived home shortly thereafter to find that his entire familiy had been massacred, one of many families to be executed for voicing dissent during the riots.[2]

As a result of his terrible experiences in battle and the loss of his family, Thorne fought in Hive's Glorious Revolution[3].

He led the stoming of the Hive Council's Clan Hall, to take revenge on those he blamed responsible for the Battle of the Midwood Marshes and the murder of his family.[2] 

Following these events, Thorne turned his back on the cities and their corrupted politics, beginning a new life at the Farrow Ridges.

Role in The Nameless One

Thorne helped Cade to build his wood cabin and a small fishing boat. Although he kept himself to himself, Cade, Celestia and Thorne became close friends.

On a visit to Cade's lakeside cabin, Thorne chronicled his battlefield trauma from the Battle of the Midwood Marshes. Once he had said his piece, he spotted Thadeus Quarter's diagrams lying about and set to work on realizing the inventions detailed in the blueprints.[1]

He accompanied Cade and Celestia into the White Trog Water Caverns behind the Five Falls on their rescue mission to save Blatch Helmstoft.

Role in Doombringer

Following the events of The Nameless One, Thorne returned to life with Tak-Tak, fishing, and building. He gave Cade an update on his 'phrax force' phraxchambers, which he had began to construct based upon Thadeus Quarter's designs[4].

Thorne assisted Cade and his fellow citizens in the defence of the Farrow Ridges, its bordering territories, and the Farrow Lake's Great Blueshell Clam. When mire-pearlers from bustling Great Glade came to the Farrow Ridges, intent on plundering its natural resources and enslaving its populace, Thorne stood beside the Farrow Lakers.

They beseeched the White Trog queen to assist them, but she denied their request. However, the hammerhead goblin clans of the Western Woods were more sympathetic and joined the war effort.

Thorne and his friends went to the city-state of Hive to purchase a thousand phraxmuskets at ten hivers apiece, in order to arm themselves against the Doombringer's mire-pearlers led by Merton Hoist. When he returned to Hive, accompanied by Cade Quarter and Gart Ironside, he was reunited with his former sergeant, Rampton Gleep, who was now the proprietor of the Winesap Inn[3].

To gather the requisite amount of hivers, they had Cade compete in a a high-jumping race astride Rumblix. After earning the necessary hivers, Thorne and his friends purchased the phraxmuskets from the Hive Milita's Armoury. Racing back to the Farrow Ridges, they were caught in a blood-storm and subsequently lost all of their weapons. Thorne returned to the Farrow Ridges with Cade and Gart to find his allies in poor condition. He suggested a diversion to get the mire-pearlers to leave the ship, where the hammerheads would present themselves to be enslaved, allowing some Farrow Lakers to scale the waterfalls to disarm the phraxmines, and for others to disable the ship's swivelling phraxcannon turret[5]. And, so the Battle of Farrow Lake began.

The mire-pearlers eventually stormed the Helmstoft's suspended mansion and took Thorne, Blatch, Gart, Phineal Glyfphith, the Fifth Lake webfoot goblins, and the hammerhead clan chief Baahl prisoner. Thorne and his friends were rescued by Cade and Tug, Merton Hoist was killed, and the Doombringer was destroyed once and for all. He helped rebuild the Farrow Ridges, specifically repairing the Fifth Lake Village, and continued work on the 'phrax force' phraxchambers until Eudoxia Prade showed up from Sanctaphrax[6].

Weird New Worlds

The character of Hedgethorn Lammergyre of the non-canon blog Weird New Worlds resembles Thorne and was probably the original character Thorne Lammergyre evolved from. Nevertheless, Thorne Lammergyre looked different and was in the First Low Town Regiment instead of the Second, where he could have met Nate and Eudoxia.

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