• Hi! I can edit any blog post, so if you make one, you and I can access it. Here's my notes so far, edit whatever you want. The Strange Traveler may also have some suggestions here: Thread:6620

    These are the minutes of the weekly Help and Chat time:

    Date and Time: 12/10/17, 5:06 PM, GMT

    People present:

    Issues discussed:

    • The Strange Traveler will maybe edit the Farrow Ridges after Undertown and the Deepwoods
    • What classifies an article stub?
      • Categorizing an article as a stub signals other people that the article needs work. It is also helpful to remember later that you wanted to look something up/edit something later/let others check for grammar. If you have nothing to do, you can also just look up the category and see what pages need work.
    • Who should be on the list of deaths?
      • This should be decided by answering the follwing questions:
        • 1) Was it one (possibly named) person?
        • 2) Did this character's death influence any other character's decisions?
        • So for example: Academy of Wind=Unnamed people, no impacts on characters decision, shouldn't be included. Tug's mother=Named, Tug fled the Nightwoods, should be included
    • How do we deal with last words that we don't know?
      • "N/A" (not applicable) if someone is not capable of speech
      • "Varies" if members of a group said different things, but they should generally be seperated.
      • Words over sounds: If someone uttered last words and then screamed and then died, we keep the last words.
      • Speech marks seperate words from sounds. "Aiiii" is a word, "he screamed" a sound.
      • "Unknown" everywhere we don't know if someone said something/too much happened between what he said and when he died. Blanks should be filled as fast as possible.
      • All these should be added as a key to the Deaths in the Edge Chronicles page.
    • Graphics of the list of deaths could be added.
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    • Wow. That's very thorough! I don't think there's anything more I could say, so I probably won't bother making a blog post about it.

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    • But you need to. We will add the next minutes there as well, and if you make the blog post, I can edit it as well. But if I make the blog post, you are not able to edit it or add anything if I might not be around for the chat time. It is just a formality, but you have to make the blog post.

      I just copied a lot of the stuff from the chat and took notes while chatting, that's all.

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    • So should I make a new blog for every chat, or just create one and update it every week?

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    • I guess updating is better. Just put a line in between. There is a better way to do the blog posts, but I forgot how to do that.

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    • A FANDOM user
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