• Hi there, Synth, and welcome to the wiki! I didn't bother replying to your comment on Symbite Goblins because I assumed you'd be one of those people who leaves a comment and never returns, but it seems I was wrong. If you ever need any help, just ask one of us (currently me, Gloamglozer, The Strange Traveler and Martingloamg are the only active users). I hope you have lots of fun editing!


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    • That's OK, it's understandable. I find that there are a large amount of largely inactive users who leave single comments and then never return.

      I appreciate the offer for help! As a matter of fact, I do have a question that I hope you could answer.

      Are there any specific pages that need revising or editing that I should work on? Most pages seem very well done and complete, so I'm wondering if there are any specific pages I should focus on contributing to. 

      Thanks again!

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    • Hi, I'll just answer this question:

      • Here's the list of Special:Shortpages. These need to be expanded, they are very short.
      • Then there's Category:Article stubs, these pages urgently need more information added. If you want to start with longer edits, start here.
      • You can also check out the Special:Community where some pages that may need edits will be displayed.
      • Or the Special:Insights were all kinds of pages that need work are displayed.

      Several other links should be in the Introduction somewhere and new projects can be found in the Minutes of the Chat. If you haven't done this already, be sure to read the Manual of Style before your edit something.

      Have fun!

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    • Thank you so much for that, I really appreciate it!

      I will try to contribute efficiently with the time I have.

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    • Most pages need working on, whether that is tiny edits like capitalisations, or major reworks. Over the last couple of days, I've been going through the lists of organisms, plands and animals, and I've found that many of the tree pages are quite underdeveloped. You could give some of those a try if you want. Or if you wanted to do smaller edits to get started, you might want to try and find something from the Cade Saga which hasn't got a page on the wiki yet (the Cade Saga is very bare at the moment, so any work on that is helpful.)

      We've also recently decided to work on a "featured page of the month", where we all work on a page as a group for a month to try and perfect it. This month we've chosen the First Age of Flight. You can find more details on what we've decided here and here. We will probably also be discussing it further in the weekly chat time, which is held at 5:30 pm GMT every Sunday.

      If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to ask.

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    • Yes, I would love to focus on the Edge's organisms. In fact, I'm editing Elves right now - I want to add more information.

      Thank you for all the help, I'm very grateful for that!

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    • Hello there! I think that DeadlyDirtBlock and Gloamglozer already said most of what I would have to get you started, and you are already off to a great start! However, two more things: This wiki has a discussions feature, so you should check out those threads as well. And second, what is your timezone? Would it be possible for you to sometimes take part in chat times on Sunday at 5:30 GMT? If you can't, then we could see about changing the time so you could.

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    • Hi! I think I would be available for the chat, but I'm not sure.

      Is Greenwich Mean Time the same as UTC (Coordinated Universal Time)? Because I'm 12 hours ahead of UTC time (which I believe is also GMT). 

      Therefore, in my time it is 7:30 PM as I type this, but for GMT it is 6:30 AM. Is that correct?

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    • Yes that should be right. So for you, the chat time would be 6:30 AM on Monday? I'm really sorry, the time zone differences make this very complicated. We have UCT, UCT+1, UCT-8 and UCT+12 now, so I don't know if we can find a better time.

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    • I should be able to do that on some days, but I can't dedicate too much time on a Monday. Would a weekend time be possible for anybody?

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    • Currently, it's on a Sunday, because that's when most people can make it, but if that's actually a Monday for you, we'll probably need to rearrange. I can usually talk at any point on a Saturday or Sunday from about 10am UCT to about 8pm UCT, excluding 6:30-7pm. (These would just be 10pm - 8am for you.)

      Martingloamg is also in UCT. Gloamglozer is UCT+1, and The Strange Traveller is in UCT-8.

      I thought it was difficult organising the times with TST being in UTC-8, but this makes things even more complicated!

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    • I guess Saturday`d be a weekend day for everyone. I should have time on Saturdays as well, but Saturday evening is probably not really good for all those in Europe, at least for me. Making it earlier makes it really early in the morning for TST though. Friday evening would make it Friday morning for TST, so that's no option ether. Any ideas?

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    • After thinking about it, it seems like about 7am UCT on a Sunday seems like a viable time. It would be 8am for Gloamglozer, 11pm Saturday for TST and 7pm Sunday  for Synth. It sounds plausible, but if there are alternatives, I'd definitely prefer not to get up at 7... 

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    • We'll have to discuss that in the chat tomorrow at the regular time I guess. But it sounds plausible, I didn't think about this.

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    • Keep in mind, I am actually nine hours behind UCT, not eight. I think that DeadlyDirtBlock's proposal is good for me. You can count on me being awake at 10 PM on Saturday. I would prefer not to stay up past midnight, but I our chats haven't lasted for more than two hours so far. However, for this chat time, it seems we will have to stick to the normal time. Hopefully we can have everything figured out be next weekend.

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    • After looking at that again, I've realised that if the chat lasted an hour (which it usually does), it would be midnight for TST, which is quite late. 

      The only other viable times that I can think of are somewhere between 7-10pm UCT on a Saturday, where it would be about midday for TST, and 7-10am on the Sunday for Synth, although you have said that you can't do Saturday evenings... 

      Another possible option is a weekday, but as you said, we can discuss this further tomorrow.

      EDIT: Oh, I hadn't realised you were UCT-9. That shouldn't chnage things too much, though.

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    • If we use DeadlyDirtBlock's idea, I think it would work. 7pm on Sunday would work for me, and at this time I would most likely be available.

      However if that plan doesn't work for any of you, I can be a bit more flexible. I would be available most of the day on Saturday and Sunday, and most likely available on Fridays after 5:00pm (UTC +12 for these times).

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    • I can agree to DDB's idea of Sunday, 7AM UCT. Could you all say if you are in favour of/against this new time and want to participate? Then I'd change the main page and all the other advertisements for the chat time.

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    • I am in favor.

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    • I can't guarantee that I'll be there, but I guess I'm in favour.

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    • Just go to bed early :)

      Synth, I'm just curious, but where are you from? We were guessing New Zealand, but shouldn't it be favour then? Or are Australia and NEw Zealand using the "American" spelling? If you don't want to answer, then don't answer this question.

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    • No it's fine, I'll answer :)

      I used to live in California, but I've been living in New Zealand for years. While I always use British English in 'real' life as it is considered the correct form of spelling here in NZ, I prefer American English while online because it is frankly more popular and widely-used. It's kind of confusing, but I hope that makes sense.

      And I remember seeing somewhere on this Wiki (I've forgotten where) that British English was used because that was what the authors of the Edge Chronicles used - so I've been spelling in British English while editing pages.

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    • And to answer your other question, British English is still pretty much the only form of spelling here - and it is always the one considered correct.

      I'm not sure about Australia's spelling. However, I do know that Australia has a very large (and growing) American influence. They may have adopted increasingly American spellings, but I can say that in NZ spelling is still firmly British.

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    • Just out of curiosity would you mind me asking where you guys are from? There seems to be quite a variety of time zones among the active users.

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    • That's interesting, but I guess it makes sense that New Zealand uses the British spelling. In school they encourage us to use the American spelling when dealing with American topics, and the other one when talking about Britain, so I'm used to switching between those as well.

      DeadlyDirtBlock, Martingloamg and Tnuy are from the UK and The Strange Traveler from Alaska, if I got that all correct. And I'm from Germany.

      Yes, on the main page it says all should be British English, that was there before we even joined the wiki. We just adopted that custom, it makes sense because the authors are British and it adds uniformity.

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    • I can confirm that I am from Alaska, so nine hours behind UCT, and twenty-one hours, almost a whole day, behind Synth in New Zealand. We figured you were from New Zealand because the other option was some random island in the Pacific Ocean or Kamchakta, and we didn't think those were likely. I am pretty bad at typing in British English, because for everything except this wiki I use American English.

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    • + Gloamglozer 

      OK, that was where I saw it.

      That idea makes sense. I also believe that the Edge Chronicles has an especially large English audience, so it would make sense to use British spelling for the viewers of this Wiki.

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    • + The Strange Traveller

      I've only been to Alaska once, but it was an amazing experience. And I also had touble when I was first learning British English, especially with center/centre and color/colour :)

      This is very interesting! We've got quite the variety of nationalities on this Wiki, it's pretty cool. 

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    • Synth, I just realized that there is still some cool stuff that no one linked you to. There is some additional Edge Chronciles material that we found that you might not have seen before. I sure hadn't before I came to this wiki.

      There are some special single-page stories focusing on certain characters that made only brief appearences (some not even named) that are only found in a single edition of the Edge Chronicles... but DeadlyDirtBlock asked Paul Stewart for the drafts, and he gave them, so you can find the stories here: HERE

      There was a series of Facebook posts detailing the story of a character named Blog One-Tusk. You can find the story on his page: Blog One-Tusk (look in the gallery of pictures)

      There are a number of images from different sources relating to the upcoming book, The Descenders, compiled HERE (There are also some more down in the comments, and make sure to check out the discussion about them too!)

      Lastly, there is a really awesome fanfiction written by an admin from a few years ago, FawFulFan. It is found HERE

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    • Thanks @The Strange Traveler, I totally forgot to do this. Some other stuff:

      • Special material from other sources can be found in the category, for example on the Hammerhead Goblins or Thorne Lammergyre pages.
      • The Errors and Inconsistencies in the Edge Chronicles are pretty interesting as well.
      • There are some interesting blog posts about the parenting in the Edge World, Proverbs and, as mentioned above, the Descenders, and also the Minutes of the Chat as well as the statistics from recent polls in the Blog posts.
      • I don't know if you've read Weird New Worlds before, it was a blog by the authors after The Immortals was published. The story was posted over two years and inspired the Cade Saga, so you find many parallels, but it's still worth a read, also because there's lots of new information about the Deepwoods.
      • As mentioned above, the discussions might be interesting as well. But be sure to follow a conversation or you won't notice any updates
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    • Thank you, both of you!

      I really appreciate all of this content, I'll be sure to check it out.

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    • So, not everybody confirmed the time yet. The following agreed about the new chat time:

      • The Strange Traveler
      • Synthetic Fusion
      • DeadlyDirtBlock
      • Gloamglozer (Me)

      I received a kind of confirmation by:

      • Tnuy

      And, correct me if I missed something, but I think there's been no answer by:

      • Martingloamg

      I guess we can just try to all be there at 7 am UTC and then we'll see. If nobody is there, we'll try the usual time?

      I will change all the pages where the chat time was mentioned now, if that is okay for everyone.

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    • Great to have you on board! Yes, I am from the UK. If I gathered correctly, then from this Sunday it’s at 7am? I won’t be able to attend as I wake up at 10 on Sundays. Also I will try and be more active but I am very busy as I have exams this summer.

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    • Yes, that's that ridiculous time for everyone in the U.K. because of time zones. But that's no problem if not everyone is there, we might all oversleep it. No worries, we are thankful for every edit!

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    • I'm going to try and get up for 7, but I often don't get up until the late morning/early afternoon at the weekends. I need to make sure to get a good night's sleep beforehand. 

      If this week doesn't work out, we may have to try and find a better time.

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    • So for me as I type this it's 6:58am on Sunday... but because of UTC, the chat time is 7am on Monday for me?

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    • Current chat time is 7AM UTC on Sunday. If you are twelve hours ahead of UTC then it should be 7PM on Sunday for you. But if it is "6:58AM on Sunday as you type this" then you are apparently thirteen hours ahead? So chat time would be 8PM Sunday for you? I am confused now. What ever the case, chat time for you should be sometime late afternoon on Sunday, depending on what exactly your timezone is (I thought it was twelve hours ahead of UTC, but if you typed your message at 6:58AM then its not).

      If all this doesn't work then everyone just try to chat at the previous time of 5:30 PM Sunday UTC.

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    • I think the issue is that New Zealand is currently in daylight savings time, where you move from UTC+12 to UTC+13. This means that the chat will start at 8pm on Sunday for you.

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    • OK then, I will likely be available then but I'm not completely sure.

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    • A FANDOM user
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