A frightened tilder doe

Tilder were herd animals with curling horns, a speckled hide, a bony upper lip, and size comparable to that of a deer. They were herbivorous and could often be found by water. Tilderflies were often found close to herds of tilder. A variant that appeared in the Farrow Ridges, in Doombringer, had four horns.


The parts of tilder had many uses, and slaughterers never wasted a single one. They were commonly eaten in steak or sausage form. Tilder bones were dried and used in place of wood. Their fat was used for cooking, candles, fuel for oil-lamps, and mechanical grease. Their fur was turned into rope, their skin tanned into tilderleather, and their wool was used for cloth. Their antlers were used in the construction of many household objects.[1]

The horns of the tilder could be made into trumpet-like instruments called tilderhorns.

Breeds of tilder



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