Tillman Spoke was a retired member of the Freeglade Lancers and prowlgrin breeder in Hive.

Role in The Nameless One

On board of the Xanth Filantine he employed Cade, who helped him with the prowlgrin pups Spoke intended to raise in Hive. When Cade was falsely accused of stealing, he dismissed him with harsh words[1].

Role in Doombringer

Tillman Spoke established a prowlgrin stable in Hive, named Spoke Stables, and used all his money for the well-being of his prowlgrins[2]. Desperate because he could not find a good groom for his prowlgrins, he stumbled upon the young Whisp who had grown up with prowlgrins. Tillman Spoke had a deal that if he won a high-jump in Hive, the Hive Militia would buy all his prowlgrins, which would solve all of Tillman Spoke's financial problems. He met Cade when he also wanted to participate in the high-jumping and apologized to Cade. He had found out the truth and had imprisoned Drax Adereth and had felt guilty for distrusting Cade ever since. Whisp won the high-jump with Dominix and Cade got second, but because Gart Ironside had bet right, Cade and Thorne Lammergyre could nevertheless buy the phraxmuskets to save the Farrow Ridges.


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