"A glorious age of freedom and learning - long before our magnificent floating city of Sanctaphrax was even dreamed of."
Cowlquape Pentephraxis describing the age.[2]

The Time of Enlightenment[2], also called the Age of Light[3], was a short period of time in which there was peace in the Deepwoods. It was abruptly ended in c. -5000 ᴇ.ʏ. with the arrival of the Mother Storm.

Several notable achievements occurred during this era. One of these was the banishment of slavery, which had been rampant during the First Age of Darkness. Others included the invention of the written word and the discovery of a route to Riverrise.[2]


There is no fixed date for the start of this age. It gradually came about as Kobold the Wise united the various tribes and formed the Union of a Thousand Tribes. The Deepwoods became a peaceful place, and a settlement was formed at Riverrise, which was used as a meeting-place for delegates of the Thousand Tribes.

The Mother Storm

"Madness walked the market glades and deep meadows. Tribe turned upon tribe, brother upon brother, father upon son."
The Myth of Riverrise[2]

Towards the end of Kobold's life, the weather worsened, as the Mother Storm prepared to visit the Edge. Mind storms plagued the tribes, causing chaos and infighting. Representatives of the Thousand Tribes held a meeting with Kobold at Riverrise, where he warned them that the Mother Storm would soon return. After the storm, the Thousand Tribes broke up, descending into the barbarity of the Second Age of Darkness.


During the Time of Enlightenment, huge social reforms took place, including the invention of writing. This was used to assist in research and learning, including the study of the Mother Storm and the origin of life itself. The tribes of the Deepwoods united, abolishing slavery and ending war and conflict.

Perhaps the greatest achievement of this era was the disappearance of the gloamglozer. The other ghouls and demons which had been present during the First Age of Darkness had all died out, leaving the gloamglozer as the only survivor of the time before the first Mother Storm. However, it was during the Time of Enlightenment that it finally faded into the Edgelands, and wasn't seen again for about 5000 years.[3]

Historical recordings


Cowlquape Pentephraxis reading The Myth of Riverrise in 36 ᴇ.ʏ..

While most tales were only passed on through word of mouth, some bark-writings survived the Mother Storm and lasted long enough to be reproduced by the First Scholars of Sanctaphrax. One known recording was The Myth of Riverrise, a barkscroll transcribed in the early First Age of Flight.


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