The Treasury Guard was a feared military organisation in Sanctaphrax during the First Age of Flight[1] . They performed a number of different tasks throughout the floating city and played an important role in the Battle of the Knights Academy against the gatekeepers.[2]



The treasury guard was comprised solely of flat-head goblins. Some were the distant descendants of the flat-heads who had helped the sky-scholars overthrow the earth-scholars on the very first Treasury Day, while others were recruited later from the Deepwoods. The flat-heads of the treasury guard still had traditional earrings, neck-rings, and tattoos. They wielded curved swords and studded cudgels, and they had armour.[1] Not all guards were trustworthy and loyal, especially when morale was low, for example, Bagswill.


Sigbord, Captain of the Treasury Guard during The Curse of the Gloamglozer and The Winter Knights


The treasury guard was led by an individual known as the Captain of the Treasury Guard, the Head Guard, or the chief guard.[3] The treasury guard also answered to the Most High Academe of Sanctaphrax[1], and it had a close relationship with the School of Light and Darkness even before the Professors of Light and Darkness were made twin Most High Academes in The Winter Knights.[4]


The members of the treasury guard all lived in the Guard Chamber near the Treasury Chamber in the Heartrock of Sanctaphrax. At any given time, some of the flat-heads would be sleeping in the bunk-beds carved into the chambers walls, some would be playing cards, and some would be on duty guarding.[1]



The treasury guard’s primary task was to guard the stormphrax in the Treasury Chamber, a task which they divided into three shifts, but they had other tasks as well. The treasury guard was responsible for ensuring the safety of the Most High Academe. They were occasionally called to defend Sanctaphrax, such as when they participated in the Battle of the Knights Academy. They were also occasionally summoned to carry out legal business, such as when they confiscated all of Heft Vespius’s gold for forging the document that gave him guardianship of Maris.


Bogwitt, member of the treasury guard during the time of Vilnix Pompolnius


The treasury guard had some ceremonial duties each year on Treasury Day. Eight members of the guard, four on each side, would flank the carriage of the Next-Most High Academe as it approached the entrance to the Sanctaphrax Tunnel.[1] Then the Captain of the Treasury Guard would let them all in, and the procession would continue on to the Treasury Chamber to complete the ceremony.

Notable Members of the Treasury Guard


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