Arboretum Sicklebough, a treegoblin

Treegoblins, sometimes spelled tree goblins, were thin, sharp-toothed, mottled goblins who dwelled in trees. They were a subcategory of Symbite Goblins.


Like other Symbite Goblins, treegoblins had a symbiotic relationship with another organism. For treegoblins, these were several types of trees. Throughout the Deepwoods, small colonies of treegoblins would occupy a single tree, taking what they need from it. In return, their tree would benefit from the care they received from the treegoblins. This care included pruning and the elimination of dangerous pests.[1]


Tree goblins used giant tree fromps for construction works in the Ironwood Glades and to harvest lullabee grubs, but also rode them into battle.[2]

Notable Tree Goblins


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