A game of trockbladder

Trockbladder was a sport played by Woodtrolls in the Deepwoods. The ball was made from the bladder of a hammelhorn, stuffed with Trock Beans. There was only one basket, and both teams tried to score in it. A player with the trockbladder counted each step he or she made, and could choose to either pass the ball to a teammate, try to reach twelve steps, or attempt to score a basket. If a player made a basket, the corresponding team gained an amount of points equal to the number of steps the player reached. If the maximum number of twelve steps was reached when a goal was scored, the value of the shot was doubled for a score of twenty-four points.

Scoring was very hard, because the ground was often slippery, and the opposing team was always trying to wrestle the ball away. Twig played the game for eight years, and never managed to score a trockbladder.

Traditionally, Trockbladder was played on the Woodtroll paths, but it could also be played on an open court.


Trockbladder is very similar to Basketball.