"It takes special qualities to be a good quartermaster--strong contacts in the leagues, an eye for a bargain and utter ruthlessness--and Turbot Smeal was the greatest quartermaster of them all!"
—Wind Jackal

Turbot Smeal was the first quartermaster to serve Wind Jackal. Ruthless and evil, Turbot Smeal was the one who started the Great Fire of the Western Quays.



Shortly after Wind Jackal became captain of the Galerider, Turbot Smeal approached the young sky pirate in Undertown, offering to join his crew. Though repulsed by the unpleasant character and mistrustful of his nature, Wind Jackal took him on as the quartermaster. Turbot Smeal came to many wicked and unpleasant arrangements with the Leagues of Undertown, but Wind Jackal always stood in the way of his worst proposals, such as slave-trafficking. Though ruthless and deplorable, Turbot Smeal proved himself as a highly skilled quartermaster, and his efforts made Wind Jackal very wealthy.

Turbot Smeal's Betrayal

One day, the leaguesmaster of the League of Furnace Tenders, Purlis Havelock, approached Wind Jackal and offered him a large sum to raid a sky ship belonging to the League of Smelters and Stokers, which was running a cargo of woodtroll slaves. Wind Jackal agreed on the condition that the slaves were to be returned to their Deepwoods village. Turbot Smeal made the arrangements, and the Galerider set off.

The attack started off as planned, and the enemy League ship was soon at the mercy of Wind Jackal and Purlis Havelock. After boarding the League ship, however, Purlis Havelock began to transfer the woodtrolls to his own ship rather than set them free, and Wind Jackal realized that Turbot Smeal had secretly brokered a separate deal with the leaguesmen. Outraged, Wind Jackal took back the slaves, crippled Purlis Havelock's ships, and set off to return the woodtrolls home.

Turbot Smeal, outraged that his deal had been thwarted, returned to Undertown aboard the damaged League ships and ignited the Great Fire of the Western Quays. Wind Jackal arrived back in Undertown to discover that the entire district was in flames. Wind Jackal's wife, Hirmina, was killed, along with all of his children except for Quint. Wind Jackal swore revenge on Turbot Smeal, but learned soon after that the evil quartermaster had died in the fire he had set.

Wind Jackal's Quest

During the events of Clash of the Sky Galleons, Thaw Daggerslash planted false information that Turbot Smeal was still alive, luring Wind Jackal into a series of traps in an attempt to take the Galerider for himself. Eventually, Thaw Daggerslash murdered Wind Jackal aboard an abandoned sky wreck, disguised as Turbot Smeal. Quint eventually defeated Thaw Daggerslash and unmasked him, revealing his elaborate web of deception.