Wasn't sure where to put this, so I decided to make a blog about it.  :D

I've been a fan of the Edge Chronicles for many years now, but I've only just realised (after seeing the list of deaths) how few characters actually knew their parents, especially their mothers.

  • Vilnix - Abandoned in the Undertown Sewers
  • Quint - His mother died when he was 3
  • Maris - Her mother died in childbirth, father died when she was 15
  • Twig - Left in a woodtroll village at birth, never met his real mother
  • Cowlquape - His mother died when he was a child
  • Keris - Her mother died when she was 1, father left when she was 3
  • Rook - Both parents died when he was 5
  • Felix and Varis - No mention of a mother, so Fenbrus was probably their only parent
  • Xanth - No parents mentioned
  • Nate - Mother died when he was an infant, his father was killed when he was 11
  • Slip - No parents
  • Eudoxia - No mother
  • Branxford - No mother
  • Cade - Mother died when he was 3, father died when he was ~14
  • Celestia - Mother died when she was a child
  • Whisp - No mother

Pretty much every major character grew up with only a father, and some grew up with neither parent. Maugin was the only character I could think of who grew up with her mother. The Edge was a dangerous place if you wanted to have children!