If you created an ImageMap like explained in this guide, the ImageMap might still not be working properly.

There are a few things that might have gone wrong:

Image does not fit on the site

If you cannot see the blue image sign in the right bottom corner or you ImageMap seems to be too big for the site, there are two things that might be wrong:

  • Try to change the image's size by changing the File:HERECOMESTHENAMEOFTHEPICTUREYOUUSE.PNG|left|640px command. Try different values for the number of pixels and see which one fits the best. 650px is usually a good value. 300px is way to small and 1000px are bigger than the article and the image won't show properly.
  • If your image doesn't resize when you change the number of pixels check if you have a [...] in your coding. You might have copied it from the ImageMap creator and it is blocking the code from working. Delete it and it should work!

There are no clickable areas on my ImageMap

or the clickable areas are not where I want them to be

This might be due to two things:

  • 1) Are you sure you used the right command for the shape of the areas you made clickable? For circles (3 coordinates), the command is "circle", for rectangles (2-4 coordinates) the command is "rect" and for polyeders, meaning every weird rectangle, triangle or any other shape you created (3 or more coordinates), the command is "poly".
  • 2) Maybe you used a different sized image for creating your ImageMap? Try debugging you ImageMap with the Firefox plugin Image Map Editor (I never tried anything else, so no idea how it works with other browsers, but I suppose there are tools as well). Download Image Map Editor, restart Firefox and go the Menu, where you'll find the Image Map Editor. Open the ImageMap you were working on and Image Map Editor will detect it.
    The red areas indicate where your clickable areas are. If they seem to be all in one part of the ImageMap, or not there where you wanted them, change them by using the Image Map Editor to change the coordinates or create new ones.

Good luck!

This didn't help you? Do you have any other problems with ImageMaps that we have not experienced and solved so far? Tell me!