I don't know if this already exists - I am new - but I thought, I'd start one anyway.

Okay, so the important thing is that I can't find the sequel/prequel ( whatever it is) on the Farrow Ridges. This is supposed to be a blog by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell on the website http: // according to http://

(Sorry, I can't put the links here, this site made me do the security test over and over again, so I put a space in there. Just leave it out. )

Nevertheless, the site Weird New Worlds doesn't work. I know the story was finished in 2013 or something, but the site doesn't seem to exist anymore.

Did anyone like save this blog or knows where I can get it from? Or is just the URL wrong and Google cannot find it too?

I'm a huge fan of the Edge Chonicles, so I'm really upset that I can't read this story. Any help welcome!