This blog post is outdated. Please see the Multimedia Categorisation Policy

Hi Everyone,
As you may have noticed we currently have little or no structure for categorizing images and other multimedia files. Below is my suggestion for a categorization schema for these files.

My Suggestion

I propose breaking down the files into Images, Videos, and Other Files.

  • Images should be categorized by subject and origin.
  • The only subcategory currently needed in Videos is Timelapses, as we have several of these.
  • Other files, I'm not aware that we currently have any, but we might later, so how they are categorized will be determined by what comes.

More detailed schema for Images

  • Images
    • by subject
    • Images of Quint
    • Images of Twig
    • Images of Rook
    • Images of (character)
    • Maps
    • Book covers
    • etc...
    • by origin
    • Images from The Curse of the Gloamglozer
    • Images from Vox
    • Images from Freeglader
    • Images from (book)
    • Images from Facebook
    • Images from Instagram
    • and a special subcategory
    • Color images