"She's a distant cousin on Mistress Maris's mother's side."
Tweezel, referring to Dacia Vespius[1]

Vepius was the surname of an affluent fourthling family in the First and Second Ages of Flight. They held high-ranking roles in society, with both academics and leaguesmen in the family.

Family History

First Age of Flight

Yena Pallitax was born into the Vespius family, and went on to marry Linius Pallitax, the young Dean of Mist. By the time Linius was elected as the Most High Academe, Yena was heavily pregnant, and she gave birth to a girl, Maris, soon after. She died during childbirth in the birthing-chamber of the Palace of Shadows in the year 1 ᴇ.ʏ.[2]

Dacia Vespius was a distant cousin of both Yena and her husband, Heft Vespius. Heft was a prominent leaguesman in the League of Wicktwisters and Waxdippers. After the death of Linius Pallitax in 16 ᴇ.ʏ., he forged documents that named him and Dacia as the guardians of Maris, and therefore made them responsible for her inheritance until she came of age. He also attempted to become gangmaster of the East and West Landings, but this plan failed. Eventually his forgery was discovered, and was stripped of all his wealth[3].

Second Age of Flight

Another line of the Vespius family survived until the Second Age of Flight, leading to Ulbus Vespius. He became the Professor of Light, and was also a proficient skycraft pilot. He sat on the Council of Three in the Great Storm Chamber Library, and later on the Freeglades Council.

Known Family Members

Family Members

Close Relatives

Dacia and Heft

Upon their marriage, Dacia took Heft's surname of Vespius (her maiden name is unknown). However, since she was a cousin of Yena Vespius, she was related to the Vespius family, and therefore her husband, by blood. This is the only known example of inbreeding in The Edge.

Family Tree

Pallitax Family
Vespius Family
unknown relation
Linius Pallitax
Yena Vespius
Dacia Vespius
Heft Vespius
Maris Pallitax
Ulbus Vespius


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