The War for the Free Glades was a massive clash between the Free Glades and and alliance of the Foundry Glades and the Goblin Nations. Hemuel Spume and the Clan Chiefs of the Goblin Nations sought to enslave the Free Glades, and battles raged in the Farmlands, New Undertown, and Lake Landing. The Freegladers ultimately prevailed, and, as the battle turned their way, the citizens of the Goblin Nations rose up and toppled their clan chiefs from power, forging a new alliance with the Free Glades.

Battle of the Great Library

The Battle of the Great Library was a short fight between librarian knights on their sky-craft and the goblins who were attacking the Great Library. The whole battle was meant to distract the goblins from the other librarian knights who were escorting the people from the burning library. It ended when the librarian knights got the goblins to pursue them into the forest and let themselves be caught. The others saw the goblins returning with blood and wood chips sticking to their clothing.

Battle of New Undertown

The new inventions of Hemuel Spume were seemingly impossible to attack. After a failed offensive against the machines done by the Freeglade Lancers and halfhearted attempt made by the librarian knights, the ghosts and pirates set up defences around New Undertown. A first Glade Eater went down near the borders and all save Hemuel Spume's personal one went down before reaching mid-town. After some sabotage was created by the defenders, the Ghosts managed to drive Hemuel Spume into the boiling lake, killing him and destroying all the Glade-Eaters.

Battle of the Barley Fields

After two successful victories against the Goblin Nations and the Foundry Glades, the Knights, Pirates, Ghosts and Lancers all joined forces to face the Goblin Nations, who had gathered forces and were preparing to fight as one. As the goblins charged the defenders ranks, Rook Barkwater's friends, a group of banderbears, attacked from behind, ultimately defeating the Goblins. However, the defenders prepared themselves for a second attack, one they knew was hopeless, when Goblin reinforcements arrived. But the goblin nations folded once the soldiers turned on their leaders, delivering their heads to the defenders and seeking peace between themselves and the Freeglades.