The Water Caverns was a network of vast subterranean chambers behind the Five Falls of the Farrow Ridges. The Water Caverns were inhabited by a clan of White Trogs.The first person to ever explore these caves was Blatch Helmstoft. He discovered and named the caverns.

The first cavern was a great domed chamber from which the water fell down into Farrow Lake. The cave was inhabited by air shrimps and enourmous slime snails. A small tunnel led to the next cavern, the Crystal Caverns. They were filled with thousands of huge crystals which vibrated when touched. The third cavern were the Drowning Pools, a small cavern with stalagmites and stalagtites and twelve geysers of water. The drowning pools were used as a trap by the White Trogs, behind them, the caverns in which the White Trogs lived, began.