A Webfoot Goblin

Webfoot goblins, sometimes known as web-foot, or web-footed goblins, were an aquatic, scaly, web-footed species of goblin. They were subdivided into Crested Goblins, White Webfoot Goblins, Red-Ringed Goblins, and Tusked Webfoot Goblins. Webfoot Goblins were a subcategory of Symbite Goblins. Most of them lived in the Four Lakes, although there were the Webfoot Goblin Colonies of Goblin Nations and settlements in the Free Glades, Hive, and the Farrow Ridges, where Fifth Lake Village was founded.

Notable webfoot goblins

Role in Weird New Worlds

Well into the Third Age of Flight, a Webfoot known as Phineal Glyfphith owned an underwater vessel (the Spirit of Keris) which he called a phraxmarine. He used his phraxmarine to explore the system of tunnels that connected the lakes of the Edge.

Behind the scenes

Web-foot Goblin Time Lapse

Web-foot Goblin Time Lapse

Chris Riddell draws a webfoot goblin

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